Somerville Adventure Playground

Sue writes:Somerville Youth and Play Provision on the border between New Cross and Peckham, is the only adventure playground in the area and has been maintained as a labour of love by local people for over 40 years. This weekend, after its latest refurbishment, it reopened to the public.Somerville is a safe, supervised free access ...

The South East Makers Club Trail Weekend

The South East Makers Club Trail spans Greater BrockleyThe London Design Festival comes to Brockley this weekend. The South East Makers Club writes:To celebrate the final weekend of The London Design Festival 2016, we invite all design enthusiasts to head south and follow our trail through the creative streets and studios of South East London. ...

Loampit Vale housing revealed

Another local bit of brownfield land is to be developed. Housing Association Family Mosaic says:We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a new site in Lewisham to develop 49 new homes. The Loampit Vale site will provide 18 homes for social rent, 19 for private sale and 12 available through Shared Ownership.The site was ...

Ayers graces Sids

Fresh artwork going up today on SIDS plumbers in Brockley. @BrockleyCentral @JaneCanDoSE4 @CroftonParkLife @— Lionel Stanhope (@lionel_stanhope) September 22, 2016Roy Ayers joins the Brockley panoply.

Has your stop water valve been painted white? – Mystery solved

If you have a water valve outside your house, and it's just been painted white, you're probably about to receive a letter from Thames Water. We've been doing some digging since this started in SE23:

Adventure X, November 19-20

Gaming festival AdventureX will be coming to Goldsmiths in November.The UK's "only convention dedicated to narrative-driven gaming" is a free event bringing together developers & gamers with an interest in graphical adventures; interactive fiction; exploration games; visual novels.Click here for more details or turn to page 345 to brandish your broadsword at the manticore.

Southern proposes one fewer rush hour train from 2018

Southern Rail has published a consultation document regarding services from 2018, when the London Bridge upgrade is completed. The reward they're offering Brockley commuters for the years of disruption they have experienced is a reduction in service from 5 trains per hour during peak time to 4 trains per hour. All Brockley services will terminate ...

Labour leaves it to McGeevor

MacGruber: Your god can't save you, but I can.- MacGruberMcGeevor in white, next to Brockley MP Vicky FoxcroftThe Labour Party has selected its candidate in the Brockley by-election on October 13th: Part-time communications manager and history PhD student Sophie McGeevor.The Ashmead Primary School alumnus says:"If elected as councillor I would resist any attempts to academise ...

Skill Swap: Your Photography In Exchange For My Personal Training Services

Hi. Any photographers interested in a skills swap. Your photography for my Personal Training services. I'd like to update much of the photography on my website Thanks

Personal Fitness Studio For Hire

If you are a Personal Trainer in and around the South East London area, our private personal training studio is available for hire. We are currently on a recruitment drive for talented Personal Trainers with an existing client base. Additionally if you are a newly qualified trainer we will be able to refer clients to ...