The Annual Service Charge farce

By now you should have all received your annual Service Charge estimate for 2012/13. However,  some of you have noted that there are errors in the outstanding amount, with payments over the last year not counting against your balance. Regenter B3 are pointing the finger at an ever-incompetent Lewisham Council for failing to do the ...

Nunhead Cemetery Annual Open Day

Please come, it's a great day out and we hope to see you there!For more information go to

Hilly Fields Orchard Wassailing – an artistic view

Back in February we held our second wassailing event at the orchard on Hilly Fields. Amongst the group was a  local artist, John Kerry, who as I think you'll agree has managed to really capture the essence of the day, bounding around in snow and wishing the trees well!

Brockley Road Tree Planting Update

All, You may recall that last year we made a successful joint bid with the Brockley Society and Brockley Cross Action Group for Brockley Assembly funding for new trees along Brockley Road. I can now report that the installation of the trees happening as we speak! Rupert from the BXAG has provided an update on the works ...