Meet Liz (Kendall) Picnic in Dulwich Park – 11th August

Come and meet Liz Kendall between 4.30-5.30pm on Tuesday 11th August in Dulwich Park (by the cafe, in case it rains!) All local residents, supporters and Labour members are welcome to hear what Liz has to say, and ask her questions about her vision for the UK, the direction she wants to take the Labour ...

White Fang

These have been posted in Hilly Fields this week. Via Fintan.

The Road Worrier

Matthew writes:The large convenience store off Brockley Rise in-between Chandos and Le Querce seems to have been halved from two units into one, with some work going on in the other unit. Does anyone have any idea what it’s destined to be? The shop owners don’t seem to have any idea, only that the landlord ...

Oskar Jakobsen at fourFold

Brockley-based curator Lanny Walker is staging an exhibition by Oskar Jakobsen at fourFold gallery at the Enclave art base in Deptford tonight. Oskar will be there this evening to discuss his work.Click here for more details.

Babur Gourmandized

Food muralist crew Gourmandizing have transformed this wall next to Babur on Brockley Rise as a belated addition to the Brockley Street Art Festival. The work celebrates the award-winning restaurant's 30th anniversary.

Never look back, walk tall, act fine

In the beginning there was only Chaos. Then out of the void appeared Erebus, the unknowable place where death dwells, and Night. All else was empty, silent, endless, dark. Then, Love was born bringing along the beginning of order.- Greek Creation Myth Lewisham was magicked into existence with the creation of Lewisham Borough Council on ...

Three Feathers & The Old Witch: Two Deptford Fairy Tales

More English Fairy Tales  by Joseph Jacobs (1894) includes a tale called 'Three Feathers' which the author states was 'Collected by Mrs Gomme from some hop-pickers near Deptford' (presumably the folklorist Alice Gomme).'Once upon a time there was a girl who was married to a husband that she never saw. And the way this was, ...

Little Nan’s hilltop hangout

Little Nan, the locally-born party pensioner, has been floozing her way around the hipsteriest parts of London for a while, but is returning to her hood in August. She says:I wanted to let you know that I will be popping up at the Hill Station on Telegraph Hill for 2 weekends from 14th August - ...

Introducing: Honeybourne’s

The owners of Ladywell gift shop Slater & King recently told us they'd sold up to a new owner. Well, here's the new owner, Hannah, to tell us about her plans for the place:"I’m taking over everyone’s favourite gift-shop, Slater & King on Ladywell Road. I’ve lived in Ladywell all my life, so I was ...

Coulgate clearance catches cars

Coulgate Street is being improved as part of the redevelopment of 180 Brockley Road. If you have a car parked there, come and move it quickly, before its car-napped.Excitement on Coulgate street! Con ways moving the cars that didn't listen to the road closure! @BrockleyCentral— Broca Foods (@theBroca) July 28, 2015