Brockley Stickers 2019

Some stickers around Brockley photographed yesterday. We have:Jewish Antifascist ActionNever Seek Permission - pigeon-themed, artist is on insta as @neverseekpermissionExtinction Rebellion - climate change rebelsesse -SE London crew who did a zine I think3 Hangers - retro clothes sellersI should not be here - photo zine and t-shirts, image is from 1984 Sisters of Mercy ...

our batty day

Join us for bat themed craft and junior yoga. This Monday, 21st October, by the stone circle.

Cemetery tour at 2pm on Sunday 20th October led by Jeff Hart

Jeff Hart will be leading a General Tour of the Cemeteries on Sunday 20th October, starting at the Ladywell gate at 2pm. Find out about some of the "residents" as well as a bit of nature in the two Cemeteries as Jeff takes a whistle-stop tour.

British cinema pioneer Leslie Eveleigh is the subject of the 7th podcast by Mike Guilfoyle

Leslie Eveleigh was a pioneer of British cinema but is largely forgotten now. This new podcast episode of London Epitaphs brings to light for the first time a fascinating career that helped mould the early days of this country's film industry.London Epitaphs is made by Tempest Productions and is presented by FOBLC local historian Mike ...