Ladywell Development a Sign of Red-hot Market in Student Accommodation

Mercy Terrace in Ladywell may not seem an obvious location for a new block of student accommodation, but a red-hot market means easy money is to be made... [...]

Time to Cull Parakeets

It is time to eradicate these green-feathered interlopers, which should be considered a threat to native birds. [...]

A Matter of Faith

An analysis of Lewisham Council's Small and Faith Fund shows a dramatic decline in the number of faith groups awarded funding by local government. [...]

Budget Cuts Fuel Job Loss Fears at Lewisham College

Lewisham and Southwark College is facing a £7m cut to its staffing budget. [...]

Whites in Lewisham a Minority by 2018

The ethnic make-up of Lewisham has been changing for decades and data shows that its white population is in rapid decline. [...]

Council Pushes for Overground Extension from New Cross

Lewisham Council wants an extension of the Overground southwards from New Cross to boost regeneration in the centre and south of the borough. [...]

Enterprise Hubs

The Council announced in February that three new enterprise hubs will be opening in Lewisham towards the end of 2015. [...]

I’m worried about TTIP but I am not a paranoid anti-American luddite…

To oppose or challenge the implications of a mega bilateral trade agreement between the EU and USA is to be painted as a paranoid anti-American leftie... [...]

Ladywell Pop Up Village

Lewisham Council is pushing ahead with a multi-million pound temporary housing scheme in Ladywell due to complete by September 2015. [...]

Gated Communities Report Warns Against ‘Fortified Enclaves’

Researchers studying the impact of gated communities have sounded the alarm over the growth of 'fortified enclaves'. [...]