Capillary Tissues

Capillary Tissues, sound performances in the APT gallery and studio of artist Victoria Rance as part of the Deptford X festival, 2nd November 2019.Lia Mazzari/David Bloor/Charlotte Law:Costumes by Victoria Rance.Offerings to goat god Pan and the Goddess alongside Deptford CreekPhil Maguire /Mark Lyken/ghostly cassette technology:David Bloor/a box of tricks:

Deptford Island Disco

At APT Gallerty, Creekside SE8, 'Deptford Island Disco' includes 'Deptford Island Discs', inviting people to select their own songs and tell us why.Careless Whispers, Being Boring, Yeah!, I was Dancing in the Lesbian BarFor what you dream of, Push the ButtonRiver by Joni Mitchell