Masala Wala moped muppets

Masala Wala is the second Brockley Cross business to suffer a smashed front window in recent weeks after The Brockley Deli was on the receiving end of a similarly gratuitous act of vandalism before Christmas.One of those weekends, a kid on a moped smashed into the railings outside our place on Sat, we got taped ...

Brockley Cross block approved

With a sense of grim inevitability, it is my duty to report that the plans for 1-1a Brockley Cross have been approved.After many attempts, the developers of the kitsch car dealership have finally worn down the Council and have gained permission to build:The demolition of buildings on the site of 1-1a Brockley Cross SE4 and ...

Coming soon: Oliver’s

Replacing the defunct Brockley Cross takeaway Nat's Bake n Juice will be Oliver's, a new Caribbean takeaway that has already tidied up the exterior of the shop and has a holding site, which promises more details soon.Thanks to Ben for the heads-up.

Brockley Cross Audi showroom closes

@BrockleyCentral @MPSLewisham @LewishamCouncil it's gone. Hooray! Thanks whoever sorted it 👍🏻— Ben Pearce (@HighStreetBen) April 6, 2017 @BrockleyCentral Car is gone & t/ tree is - staggeringly - still alive. My neighbour had been tending it before t/ accident and she knows :)— Katy Cooper (@DecSop1) April 6, 2017

Brockley Cross developers back again

As an accompaniment to the Audi art installation currently gracing the pavement of Brockley Cross comes the latest effort by the developers trying to build at 1-1a Brockley Cross (currently a car dealership).With this iteration they have inched closer towards acceptability, but it's still far short of what one might call good. Cluttered and cramped, ...

Blight rider

Perhaps naively, I assumed that if a bellend drives a car into a tree and abandons it in the middle of the pavement in one of Brockley's main thoroughfares, that the car would be removed within days, perhaps hours. Instead, this car has been left in Brockley Cross for weeks, for the community to work ...


Masala Wala Cafe is now offering pavement dining in Brockley Cross. Nothing is impossible.


Tony's Plaice has gone, hail the new Kings.The Brockley Cross fish and chip shop has had some cosmetic changes under its new owners, although it is fittingly sticking with the royal blue colour scheme.But is it as good - or better- than its predecessor? Let us know once you've had a chance to try it ...

Bite Mi, 3 Brockley Cross

Bite Mi is now open. The new Vietnamese cafe in Brockley Cross is a low-fi set-up, with stripped-down decor and a straightforward menu that focuses on classic home-cooked Vietnamese dishes.Reviews please!

Small and blighty

So... what do we think of this one? I have been watching this modest new two-storey house emerge slowly at Brockley Cross, assuming there had to be more to it than this. Some final flourish or new skin that would transform it. But there's no twist in the tail. That's your lot.I always try to ...