The Aviva Community Fund: Vote for Marnock Road community garden

The Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park Neighbourhood Forum is fundraising to improve the public garden in Marnock Road (Crofton Park). Member Kay writes:We have big plans for the Railway Garden and need your help to make them a reality! Firstly, we'd like to thank all those who voted for the project at the Crofton ...

Luxmore Gardens spring bulb planting

The nicening of Luxmore Gardens continues. Be a part of it.

The Nunhead Gardener, Nunhead

The Nunhead Gardener (1a Oakdale Road) is a charming gardening shop tucked under an archway next to Nunhead Station.Although it doesn't have the floorspace to compete with larger garden centres for equipment, trees and larger plants, it offers a beautiful range of plants and pots for window boxes, borders and around the home.

Gardeners’ Question Time at Prendergast


“No one truly knows, Bran. The children are gone from the world, and their wisdom with them. It had to do with the faces in the trees, we think."- Master Luwin, Game of ThronesThese mysterious drawings, flyposted on a brick pillar on Manor Avenue have generated much excitement among the BCers who've seen them.Is this ...

The Nunhead Gardener

Mysterious passageways under the railway line opposite Nunhead station, now filled with plants and scented candles...  A shrine to Venus in a lime grove next to the track...  Yes and lots of greenery at reasonable prices. Apparently they are considering selling coffee... bring it on. The Nunhead Gardener is at 1a Oakdale Road SE15 3BW   

Coming soon: The Brockley Station Energy Garden

Brockley is set to be one of the first London Overground stations to create an Energy Garden.The Energy Garden initiative will transform up to 50 London Overground platforms and stations into gardens that will incorporate food growing plots and solar energy providing on-site renewable energy for lighting, water pumps or other small scale station amenities.The gardens ...

Brockley’s back gardens targeted by developers

A BCer who wishes to remain anonymous has been targeted by a property developer who's trying to buy a part of her garden, in order to develop housing at the back. She notes:Since I don’t actually own the garden - the downstairs flat does - it’s a moot issue, and I am not sure how ...

The Plant Fairs Roadshow, May 30th

A Field in New Cross

The Field is a community project designed to create a new public garden space on the west side of New Cross. The team behind the vision want to convert a Queens Road garden into a place with facilities to support local self-organised activities, events and projects.They explain:This isn't just a community garden! This is an ...