Enterprise Hubs

The Council announced in February that three new enterprise hubs will be opening in Lewisham towards the end of 2015. [...]

Economic Storm Clouds are Gathering

A number of economic indicators are flashing red with all the signs that another crisis is looming and Lewisham will not be immune from its effects. [...]

Bad Loans

In recent months there has been a concerted effort by Lewisham Council and its small business advisory service to raise awareness of a loan scheme offering up to £50,000. [...]

Creative Hubs

If the London Plan is the blueprint shaping the economic landscape of the city then Lewisham’s Core Strategy is the Council’s master plan to ensure the borough doesn’t become a backwater. [...]

Is Lewisham in Peril from Hipster Economics?

The past ten years have brought a lot of change to SE4 and Lewisham. In more recent times the pace and nature of change have become ever more noticeable. [...]