A Matter of Faith

An analysis of Lewisham Council's Small and Faith Fund shows a dramatic decline in the number of faith groups awarded funding by local government. [...]

Whites in Lewisham a Minority by 2018

The ethnic make-up of Lewisham has been changing for decades and data shows that its white population is in rapid decline. [...]

Low Incomes, High Profits on Lewisham High Street

Payday lenders have been in the firing line recently but in Lewisham there is a another business that makes its money by targeting low-income earners. [...]

No Room for Black People in Lewisham Housing Developments

Looking at promotional images for a number of new housing developments in Lewisham you would have a hard time to find a black face. [...]

Rise in Number of Rough Sleepers

Greater London Authority figures reveal the number of rough sleepers in Lewisham increased by 50% between April and September 2014.... [...]

A Short and Bloody History of the 11th Lewisham Battalion from 1915-1918

The men and women of Lewisham played their part in the Great War. This post looks at the short and bloody history of the 11th Lewisham Battalion, The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment. [...]

Gay Men in Lewisham Warned Over Dangers of “chemsex”

Gay and bisexual men in Lewisham are risking harm and are in danger of spreading sexually transmitted infections and HIV by having unsafe sex while under the influence of drugs, according to the findings of a study into sexual behaviour described as “chemsex”. [...]

The Deptford Day Club with a Difference

If your perception of a day club for the over 60s is a room full of pensioners planted in front of a TV showing sleep-inducing daytime programmes then one in Deptford couldn’t be further from this vision. [...]

The Not So Hidden Hungry

More than 40% of households in Lewisham have an annual income of £15,000 or less. More than 30% of children in New Cross and Deptford live in poverty. [...]

Lewisham’s Child Obesity Epidemic

The numbers are dramatic as obesity rates amongst young children in Lewisham (age 4-5 years) rocket by the time they reach year 6 (age 10-11 years). [...]