Lancaster Environment Centre does it again!

Those of you who came to our "Trees in the City" conference last spring will remember the excellent presentation given by Professor Barbara Maher of Lancaster University's Environment Centre (we posted an item on the original research here). In it she presented the astonishingly effective benefits of planting a screen of silver birch saplings alongside busy ...

Trees in the City – 26th April 2014 – Conference Report

The Brockley Society Tree Committee are delighted to report a little more fully about the presentations given at our hugely successful conference last month. Wake up and smell the pollutionLewisham Mayor Sir Steve Bullock opened the conference by raising the issue of rising city pollution and the need for more trees to make the urban environment sustainable. He kindly ...

Matters Sahari

The recent arrival of Saharan dust has again highlighted the subject of air pollution and is a reminder why trees are essential for the urban environment. See image here. After 15 years of warnings, the EU has now launched legal proceedings against the UK for failing to reduce "excessive" levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution - ...

TfL criticised for cutting pedestrian crossing times

The London Assembly has criticised TfL for cutting green man phases at pedestrian crossings to six seconds at 568 sites across London, four of which are in Brockley/New Cross and ten of which are in Lewisham. [...]

A Breath Of Fresh Air

More and more often we are coming across serious scientific research that backs up our sense that our urban trees are good for us, not just because they look stunning, but because they are making a significant contribution to our health in our gritty city environments. A case in point is research recently presented on BBC2's ...

Brockley schoolchildren face traffic pollution risk

Three schools within Brockley ward lie within a zone that increases children's propensity to develop traffic-related respiratory conditions, according to research by the Clean Air for London campaign. [...]

Petition: 20 is plenty on Wickham Road

Last summer, Lewisham council decided to repave the top half of Wickham Road, leading down towards Lewisham Way. Given the inordinate number of bumps and potholes, along with the fault-like crevice that was sunk deep into the western side of the road, the repair work was long overdue. [...]

Comment: What Will Boris’ Cycling Vision Mean for Lewisham?

What impact will Boris Johnson's cycling vision have on Lewisham? The post Comment: What Will Boris’ Cycling Vision Mean for Lewisham? appeared first on alternativeSE4 - a blog for Brockley, Ladywell, Crofton Park and Telegraph Hill. [...]