Crofton Park Pictures at The Rivoli

The Shining is playing on October 25thSmile, you son of a bitch! Crofton Park Pictures is screening classic movies, including Jaws and A Nightmare on Elm Street at the Rivoli Ballroom (the perfect setting for a pop-up cinema experience) later this year.The season starts on June 22nd with Jaws and ends on October 27th with ...

United Kingdom: David Oyelowo & Rosamund Pike in the Rivoli

'United Kingdom' is a new movie starring David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike, based on the true-life interracial romance between Seretse Khama (first president of Botswana) and his wife Ruth Williams. The couple first met in London in the 1940s, and the film seems to have used the Rivoli Ballroom as a location for some of ...

Cake Tempest

Brockley's answer to UB40, Kate Tempest, launches her new album at the Rivoli Ballroom later this month, with a live performance for the BBC.

Superhumans at The Rivoli

Channel 4's new Paralympics trailer is out. 2012's Public Enemy comfortably beats 2016's Big Band sound but this one has the Rivoli Ballroom and Brockley Central is contractually obligated to document any appearance of the velvet walls.After the Avengers, this is the second superhuman team to base themselves there.Thanks to Transpontine for spotting it.

Paralympic ‘Superhumans’ at Rivoli Ballroom

Channel 4 are the latest to make use of the Rivoli Ballroom in Crofton Park, filming part of the uplifting 'We're the Superhumans' trailer for the Rio Paralympics there.See previous posts on the star-studded Rivoli Ballroom

Alison Goldfrapp & Idris Elba at the Rivoli

Yet more Rivoli Ballroom action.  Alison Goldfrapp held her 50th birthday party at the Crofton Park ballroom this week. Not too many photos around of this private event, but seemingly there were plenty of by @misshoney333Brockley Central noticed that the Rivoli also features briefly in the video for Dance Off by Macklemore and Ryan ...

No trash talk, no back walk

This is the shortest but coolest Rivoli appearance in history. Ten seconds in. Dance off!

Lucky Man at the Rivoli

Stan Lee's Lucky Man is the latest TV/film production to feature the Rivoli Ballroom in Crofton Park as a location. For the purposes of the Sky One show, it is transformed into the Pleasure Palace pole dancing club visited by detective James Nesbitt.The whole show foregrounds London, Nesbitt always seems to be driving across a ...

Live At the Rivoli – New Live Comedy Nights

Reginald D Hunter stars on the opening nightWill is starting new a monthly comedy night called Live At The Rivoli.The first one kicks off on February 26th with an impressive line-up of Reginald D Hunter, Sara Pascoe and Ed Gamble. Will writes:One of London’s most beautiful venues throws open it’s doors to a new monthly ...

The Kooples at the Rivoli Ballroom

French clothing line The Kooples is the latest to take advantage of the splendour of Crofton Park's Rivoli Ballroom for a film shoot. Their latest advert features a glamorous couple meeting up amidst a northern soul dancefloor.For loads more at the Rivoli, including Lana del Ray, Jimmy Page, Oasis, Florence and the Machine etc. see ...